How To Choose The Right Mover Or Transport Company

Many users are wrong when selecting the right mover. Due to the large amount of supply that we can find in the market, it is essential to know how to choose the right company.

Do Not Accept Quotes By Phone.  It will avoid possible later modifications.

Check that the removal company complies with the requirements established by law.  That it is registered, that it has insurance of civil responsibility and merchandise, and that its personnel is insured.

Insurance. Check the protection of goods offered to you. Some companies give guarantee less than the real value of the merchandise. For example, if your belongings cost $ 30,000, they provide you with insurance of $ 12,000 and charge you a vital supplement to arrive at the real value, with which the price of the move increases considerably. The insurance must be of the actual cost of the merchandise,  without supplements.

History. Make sure the moving company that you hire is local to your community and has an excellent history at providing a good house removal service for the community. The last thing you want is a removals service that in national and if you have an issue the only choice is to phone a call centre with staff manning the phones for the moving company that end up transferring you around a lot and no one knows whats going on. A local moving company is a good choice!

Packing. If you want the content of furniture, books, kitchen utensils, clothes, … some companies perform the day before, at no cost to the consumer. It is much better and safer to pack your belongings the day before the move.

Remember that if you decide to pack your belongings, it will be cheaper, but you may get worse results. Moving companies usually have more means and a variety of packaging systems: cup holders, cupboard boxes, quality bubble wrap,… Also, they do not take care of the breakage of the contents of the boxes that you pack as they do not know how it has the packaging and the condition of the objects have been made before packaging.

If you decide to have the contents of the furniture packaged, choose a company that performs this operation the day before the move. You can find removal services that offer this service at no additional cost and with all the guarantees of security for your belongings.

That the company you choose is subject to consumer arbitration.

Do Not Look Only At A Price; the services offered for that price is an important fact when choosing a removal service.

Before Hiring, Ask the moving company:

  • Are you sure? Customized to my name or global? For the original amount of my merchandise or with supplements?
  • Are all the personnel of the company, or do you hire ETTs or porters without documentation? (Non-professional waiters) Is there a problem to teach the TC2 of those workers before the move?
  • Do they pack everything? Do they unpack in the new address and leave it in place? Do you have cabinets for hanging clothes? At what price? Do they have cuppers for crockery and fragile objects?
  • Do you dismantle everything? And the glued? Do they leave all the furniture assembled in the new address? Even shelves and furniture that need to be fixed?

With these guidelines and advice, you are sure that you are right when selecting the best moving company in your city.